Another one of those sick days


I haven't been to work for 2 days now..
Last night, I was chilling really hard..
swallowing was kinda difficult as my throat were really sore..

it was a good thing that I thought of buying paracetamol tabs to help lessen my fever..

this morning, the fever was out..
but I was still dizzy for eating less and sleeping a lot..
but I took a bath, I decided to, actually..

I was feeling really sticky, my hair was oily and bad..
my face was turning into an unwashed pan..
and, I was smelling.. yeck!

and honest to goodness, the water was really cold, I was thinking otherwise..
but heck, I needed the bath..
so I took it..

and decided to go to mom's after the bath..
I just woke up, it's time for lunch..




I didn't report for work today..

I was having fever yesterday, drank 2 tablets of Biogesic..
woke up with a headache this morning plus a little dizzy for eating less..
discovered that my tonsils were feeling bad..
and concluded that I have tonsilitis..
so that was why I had fever..

am already bored to death, I haven't been doing anything but rest, sleep, eat and surf..
the kind of life that I was never accustomed to..

I am used to being busy..
see, I am a hyperactive kind of person..
and whenever I get days off, I do something that would make me less idle..

lately, I had been doing, now super hooked, sudoku puzzles..
dang! I love sudoku's..
I read somewhere that the japanese people invented the sudoku puzzles..
it was kinda interesting..
more interesting than the crossword puzzles..

it actually hones your brains..
basically, I could complete puzzles on the easy and medium category..
I am still learning to complete the hard ones, moreso, the super hard ones..

basically, I'm not doing anything now as I make this entry..
*sigh*.. am bored..


PBB: Season 2

I really am a follower of the PBB: Season 2..
The past PBB series was a hooker..
but compared to the season 2, it has more values and pointers that one can take from thereon..

Yes, as to what Big Bro said prior to the airing of Season 2, he has a lot of surprises in store and challenges would really be remembered, even the housemates admitted that it would be a treasured memory when they look back at their once abode..

and the whole series wouldn't come to an end where there are no love teams inside the house..
Similar to the previous airing, some fall for each other for it would be hard to resist temptation when you see the same people for several months and interact with them for 24 hours each day..

Before, I used to "not mind" about Wendy..
Although, I had not judged her from what she has been through, but, she's not really a person "that" unique for me to eye her of her actions inside the house, although to a guy's point of view, it's a different thing.. "pantasya ng bayan", ika nga..
and guys couldn't help but fantasize her of her beauty, charm and body.. the upper measurement, vital statistics, was a plus factor, of course..
But as time went by, since she has been an item with Bruce, I realized that she has this beauty inside..
She can be passionate when in love, can be a true friend for Dionne and honest..
probably, that's why the guys in the house admire her..
Wendy had been to Japan to work as an entertainer..
And, according to her, she was the breadwinner of the family since her dad was gone when she was still young..
*sigh*.. I can always relate to that since I am the eldest, but literally not a breadwinner since my mom has her sources of income..
Anyway, Wendy had just finished school and was really fortunate since Big Bro gave her the privilege to attend her graduation rites, although, she was restricted to converse with her friends or anybody in particular..
and I know, fate hasn't been at all easy on her but it didn't block her of her dreams..
Although she took 8 long years to finish college, I would still say, not all people who are in her shoe would end up doing the same..
Others might still be going to and fro as entertainer in Japan, others would end up marrying the wrong guy, some might choose to decide using mind over matter and marry a Japanese for assurance in her future..

I had liked Bruce from the start, as in!..
Of course, he was really a hunk, an athlete from UP, and his bod was his asset..
As Wendy would tag him, he is really ultra patient, a listener and someone who is concerned of everyone..
I liked him even more when Big Bro announced to him that he was to leave the house, as he was concerned with his family when he bowed down his head and holding back the tears..
As for his mom's situation, when she was still in the hospital, although he knew it was impossible for him to reach the required basketball points, still, he tried his best without knowing that his housemates, friends and strangers were helping him through his plight..
Now, he's in Slovenia, making the most out of his short stay in Big Bro Slovenia House..
Mabuhay to Bruce who had always raised his head up high as a Filipino..

I also like Mickey..
As far as I can recall, he was the one who has been given a task of holding an English - German pocket dictionary..
He did really well for I was convinced that he couldn't speak nor understand English..
E, the task ended him speaking in Tagalog..
Would you believe, he speaks straight Filipino pa..
When he opens his mouth, expect the worst stuff that he says..
It might break you apart, but, heck, it has some sense..

I don't really like Gee-Ann that much..
She ends up to be some kind of a freak, carrying her "Pamela" and "Trevor" dolls..
Although the dolls are her way of releasing tension and stress, still, I still think its weird..
She comes from a broken family, she says..
But maybe, I might be wrong after all..

For me, Dionne is really a flirt..
She ended up liking 2 guys inside the house..
She had shown advances towards Zik, a Fil-Aussie guy who was later evicted for his treatment towards the lady housemates..
The other guy that she liked where she confessed her feelings, in Bisaya, was Mickey..
It wasn't really decent, uh uh..
but I couldn't really tell what's right where I am far out from her situation..

Saicy was, well, not really "that" fluent and proficient in English..
But I tend to disregard her since she's really amazing when she starts to dance..
But, honestly, she tried her best in explaining to Tina the real meaning of the Pinoy Ako song that the PBB housemates dance to when played..
E, she really is a good dancer when Big Bro requested her to make a dance via inspiration from the snake..
She feared snake, of course..
But she had overcome her fear when Big Bro asked her to dance as she carries in her hands a really big snake..

Robert looks a lot like John Pratts..
I'm sure the Philippine Cinema would grab the chance of him playing John Pratt's brother..
and like him, I'm also scared of needles, that's why I could relate to his fear..
But eventhough there were fears of the needles and blood, he finally had faced his fears with the aid of Saicy..
He even pushed an acupuncture needle through his skin..
parang, I was really feeling tension and fear for him..
I couldn't imagine myself doing the same..
Big Bro actually awarded him with a kiddie party after he had a few cc's of blood taken out of his system..

Nel naman is an Ilonggo guy who uses "Perfect" and "Bongga" as expressions..
He also shares his concern when there was this disease task..
He comes from a family that are, as of present, serving the police and military forces in Iloilo..
He confides to his friends that when he hears his dad's voice waking him up in the morning, he starts to get scared..
e, who wouldn't be scared naman if your dad is from a military force, di ba?..
I'm sure, when he was still young, his dad trains him hard..
kaya lang, medyo, I think, he has this feminine side..
or so, he might be "malambing" lang when he talks, which is which?

I'm sure I haven't covered everyone but I still would say I'm having the time of my life getting to know the Big Bro housemates even through a far away distance..
and I also bet that Bruce, Nel and Wendy will be included in the top 4..

DFA: My Next Step

Hi guys..

what's the update?

Well.. I'm through with my agent fee..
My job description is going to be printed, soon, as I get my passport renewed and also the application for new ones for my hubby and sons..

My embassy fee has long been prepared already..

the only thing that I am worried now is the passport..
I'm still short in cash and I need PHP 5,000 for the passports..
For 3 day processing, each passport will cost me PHP 700..
That makes PHP 3,500 for us, five..

The other requirements for the application of a new passport is not yet included in the fee..

I had acquired our authenticated birth certificates plus marriage contract in February, so, I have nothing to worry about that thing anymore..
My hubby and I still have to get ourselves an NBI Clearance..

Afterwhich, I'm ready for filing..

I'm getting really excited just thinking about it..

I hope I get this one..
If God sees that I deserve this, I'm sure the sail would be smooth..
I hope he thinks I deserve it..



Gee, I never thought it was such a big deal..


Sometimes, people tend to tell stories in a very different way..
Sad to say, there were words added to what had really happened..

On Monday night, I punched out from the office at around 6:00pm..
I waited inside the car for a few minutes since we have this company vehicle that would transport us from the office to a certain point in Davao, McDonald's Victoria Plaza..
15 minutes went by and not all of the employees who were supposed to ride the vehicle was present..
I started complaining because of the fact that there was a memo issued long before the free transportation ride was established..
I was really trembling in hunger already, didn't have the chance to grab a bite in between the working hours..

Honest to goodness, I am a little bit disappointed with the system..
Each one of us received a memo about the said departure time of the vehicle, it was clearly stated that the company car would leave at 6:15PM..
those who aren't in the car would have to stay behind and sacrifice themselves to waiting for the jeeps, if and when there is a back-up vehicle, they are surely lucky as it would transport them to Buhangin, another destination point nearer to the office..
I was really fuming mad on Monday..
A 15 minute break imposed is not enough for those employees having their office at the far end of the plant, which meant that we are located at the corner of the plant near the loading area..
it would take me a maximum of 4 minutes just to arrive at the canteen..
it would take me a total of 8 minutes, max, to go back and forth, and, it would leave me only 7 minutes to grab a bite..
if I'd request the staff to cook me a noodle, I'd say, I had to get back to the office without eating..
and, that would leave me going back to the office with an empty stomach..

they have all the privileges to eat, unlimited break time..
as one would say, they're in position..
nobody argues with them..
except for people as stupid as me..

they really are stuck up snobs..
they use their position to manipulate people..

while me, I believe in following the rules..
anyway, I am standing firm that I am working for the company and not for anyone, not even the Managers..



CIC Seminar

Hi y'all..

I filed a leave from the office last Thursday to attend a seminar on Canada.. I'm actually a client, fully paid (woohoo!!), of CIC, Canadian Immigration Consultants, and am getting ready to submit my application to the Embassy already.. well, that will be achieved as soon as I get our passports done.. heehee..

anyway, today, I had the privilege to attend the seminar which was hosted by CIC.. they had several slide shows for the people who attended.. basically, it details everything from their services, to the fees, to the hardships along the way to the working visa approval..

I was really inspired by their guests, there were 4 families who just recently were approved of a residency visa, in short, they're already immigrants! 50% Filipino and 50% Canadian..

there was this family, I think they were the Sia's if I am not mistaken, they had waited for 5 years to get their visas.. They weren't required to an interview already, according to the consultants, their documents submitted to the embassy were already complete and the consul found that they need not be interviewed anymore..

This other family, both the husband and wife are doctors, gave an inspiring story to the listeners.. They had filed their application to the embassy somewhat year 2002.. The lady doctor was supposed to practice her medicine to be ready for the boards but she decided to practice her premed, Medical Technology, instead.. 5 years flew so fast and she was already hopeless about her pending application with the embassy, not a word was returned to their family, hence, she decided to practice her Medicine degree for the boards.. All of a sudden, she received a letter requiring them for an interview with the consul.. She said pa, she was really nervous, at the same time excited.. They went to the CIC for a rehearsal interview, Mock Interview daw.. When the day came that they were supposed to present themselves to the embassy, she was almost crying with nervousness daw.. When the consul met them, she was really surprised that the consul asked them of their names lang, their profession and eventually congratulated them, together with a request slip for medical check up.. That was it daw.. They're leaving this year..

There's this family daw who's working with Dole, also an applicant.. According to one of the Senior Managers, this is one of the people who approached them that he wouldn't forget.. The guy daw is in his late 40's.. He finished 4 degrees and is connected with Dole Philippines in Polomolok as MIS Manager.. Sus, he's earning daw more than 200,000 pesos monthly.. while the wife of this guy is Dole's Finance Manager, also earning the same amount as her husband's basic pay.. Mr. Manalo didn't bother to follow up the couple since sabi niya, nakakahiya namang tawagan when in fact they're living their lives luxuriously naman.. Mr. Manalo was surprised when the guy called him on his mobile phone one day.. He didn't actually know who called but when the guy told him that he was one of the participant during the seminar at GenSan and currently connected to Dole, Mr. Manalo recalled the salary of the guy.. The guy daw was really interested with Canada and immigration.. The boss naman of Mr. Manalo fooled around pa commenting that he need not go there naman kasi malaki na ang sweldo nya.. pero, the guy insisted that they would actually be secure of the future, including his children's..

There were 2 other families who shared their story and all the same, they were inspiring.. and you'd leave the place hungry for more info.. syempre pa, you need to save para sa processing..

I tell you, it's a big amount.. but investing for the future would be worth it.. the time naman is really long, pero, at least, you're waiting for something in the future..

I hope I am patient enough.. my hopes are really up this time.. I was asked several times if I'm really sure on this one, I said, 101%..

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.. syempre pa, I'm starting to gather up informations on Canada, Toronto and Vancouver, even Alberta..

Confident ako at the same time half hoping and readying myself sa disappointments..

Sana.. Sana.. Sana, I'd get it one day.. *fingers crossed & praying*

anyway, here are links where you could find informations on CIC and Canada:

WWW.GO2CANADA.COM - this is CIC's homepage, it is detailed there the services that they offer.. They are stressing the fact that their license can be found with DTI - SEC and not in POEA since they're not a recruitment agency.. In here, you can also find the people whose testimonies are posted with pictures of their approved visas and how they earned them.. There are also links in their page, but, guys, their online assessment doesn't work..

WWW.CIC.GOV.CA - this link has an online assessment, points systems, you just need to input details on yourself for the point system to appear.. there are also information if you want to apply on your own with the embassy.. but according to CIC, one needs to have a representative in the person of a Canadian Lawyer upon applying..

WWW.PHILIPPINESERVICES.COM - this one offers job matching to interested people.. syempre with fees, PHP 8,000, resumes will be posted online for 6 months..

WWW.IJOBS.COM - this is for working visas only.. the working visa entitles you to a rigid training, while you are required to take a red seal examination after 6 months, if you fail, you will be deported from Canada..

For specific locations in Canada, type in the area, Yahoo or Google search engines, and you'll find information, how their government works, which profession is mostly likely needed, climate and other resourceful data..

So, click on, guys!


Mati, conquered..

As promised, here are pictures of our great Mati escapade.. Mom planned on going there at the spur of the moment, siguro, it was a week before April 7 that it was confirmed.. We had agreed to leave the house at dawn, siguro, mga 4 am.. I was a little bit excited about the trip since this would be the first time since dad was gone that we'd go out as a family together to enjoy ourselves luxuriously over some resort.. I didn't really have an inkling who insisted in going to Mati since it was somewhat new to me since I haven't been there before.. Anyway, my hubby went there in March and he was actually bragging about Dahican.. kahit pa natutulog, he'd go on blabbing about how the beach was and how the tides splashed them.. grr.. I was really envious about it and because of that, I had looked forward to the day that we'd leave town and go there..

So, it was April 6, I had everything prepared on Holy Thursday, ironed our clothes and packed it in 3 bags.. prepared diapers for my baby and checked on the items prior the day.. We spent our night at mom's since we have to leave at dawn.. I had slept for 2 hours because my little brother , Dave, convinced me to be awake for the whole night.. E di, wala kaming ginawa kundi mag take turns playing RAN online and mag chika.. on the other hand naman, we were convincing little Jen to come with us.. evil talaga.. hahaha..

anyway, I decided to take a short nap at 2 in the morning and finally woke up at 4:30 am.. So, after I woke up, everybody started to descend from the stairs and prepare things, tissues and other necessities..

We left the house at a little before 6 am.. went to fill up gas, full tank.. then started our ride to Mati..

Here are pictures of the sleeping dinosaur..

So, we arrived at Mati at around 9:30 am.. immediately proceeded to Anthel's house, our tour guide..

We left Anthel's house at 10 am and then went off to Gregorio Beach Resort.. The road was kinda bad, not cemented, that is, but it wasn't at all bumpy.. Therefore, I would say it was just fair..

and so, this is Gregorio, I took this shot on top.. See, we had to reach the cottage by going down several flight of stairs..

From our cottage, I took a picture of my hubby and the front view.. The front cottages are that of Masau Beach Resort's..

This is our humble abode for the night.. You can smell the beach aroma inside since the air somehow tumble its way through the cottage.. *sigh*.. I miss it, you know..

and so, after unpacking, the little ones started setting up the tent.. The air was really strong that Balong had to place his backpacks and several other things just so the tent would stand.. hahaha.. it was really funny because we had to look for our stuff and thought it was missing..

This was a bad picture.. my brother and balong were teasing me why I took this picture when they couldn't see the fishes swimming through the waters.. honestly, the water was really clean and had a tint of blue, kinda deep, and we could see fishes swimming.. *sigh*..

this is a distant view of the beach, from our cottage, of course.. we had our share of riding the boat afterwards.. while they were taking out every water that's getting inside of the boat, they still had fun even if the "katig" was damaged.. nyahaha.. I guess, Benny was too heavy for the boat, that's why bumigay na sya..

and, as bad as I am, I stole a picture of my sexy sister.. naks! (o, utangan na ka nako dich ha..)

we also did some fooling around with shoti.. wondered why my lips were red?? KIAMOY!! hahaha

stole another picture of our nephew, JJ, with his mom..

Far huh? Anthel and Dave were chatting and getting through some stuff.. I'm sure they were talking of how he had convinced Jen to come.. while Anthel was telling Dave that he should have made more effort.. nyahahah..

These are the new generation of the "berkskada".. hahaha.. my hubby being the founder (???).. wala lang ang muse, absent.. naiwan sa Davao..

Afternoon came and they were cookin'! We had sinugbang fish, sinugbang chicken hotdog and kinilaw!.. yum yum yum!!

Night time came, the resort was so silent, except for the breezy air and a couple of guys doing their videoke thing.. It was actually serene and reflection would come easily for those reminiscing memories and events that happened in one's life.. what I did was to talk to my hubby, we exchanged stories, while on the right hand was a Red Horse beer and on the left hand was a Sudoku puzzle book.. nyahahaha..

We slept at, to my guess, was 9 pm.. Benny, Dave, Balong, Ai Ai with the kids left the resort.. They dropped off Anthel to her house and Dave and Balong, the love birds (???), went off scampering to the Capetul, Capitol, to fool around.. Benny, Ai Ai with the kids went to visit the girls relatives..

It was late already and we were sleeping when they woke us up as they arrived the cottage..

The night was really filled with laughter, the comedian slept inside the tent while doing his comedy..

Morning came..

It was 6 am, the water was really high and was really tempting.. While both of them are still asleep.. Kape't Gatas as I tagged the picture..

Kean, one of my twin sons, woke up first and I took them a picture with Shoti..

At the back of the cottage, the scene was this..

I went back to taking pictures in front.. On the boat ride was Balong and my hubby.. namukut daw sila, they came back to the cottage with naught a single fish.. buslot guro ang net.. o di kaha, nahadluk sa dagway ni balong????

while me and Shoti are posing, the guys were getting ready to swim.. Sus, guys, the beach was like a pool.. clear, clean with no waves.. Actually, there were no big waves, at all, since the resort was enclosed by islands.. it just has a small opening, that's why you could still see the water with very minimal movement..

Nilubog gud ang dagat ay.. hahaha.. we were teasing Balong that he was an ace swimmer.. that he was connected to the Sta. Ana wharf.. remember the children who would dive in when tourists throw coins at the sea? hmm.. familiar scene?? hehehe

the black genie beside the chinese sidekick.. come to think of it, balong has the most pictures on my camera phone.. murag iyaha gyud akung phone ba.. as in!!

Front view of Ai Ai and son..

as I had said earlier on this post, my hubby and balong had attempted making "pukut".. pero way nadakpan..

stolen? yes, stole it.. as he was taking water out of the bangka..

In between swimming, Shoti was really crying his heart out.. Kainis nga e, I had to stop swimming, synchronized na ha, and feed him his bottle..

Balong actually begged me to take his picture.. Maitim na, pero, it didn't make much difference naman kasi he was naturally black na rin.. hehehe.. (sshhh)..

This is the floating cottage of Gregorio.. Sayang, we didn't have the chance to enjoy it kasi it was occupied the whole time.. ang nagawa ko lang was to hold one the end lang to take a breath after doing freestyle swimming.. baka malunod ang tabachingching na achi.. haha

This is Benny and JJ.. After having loads of fun in the bangka, they finally stepped out of the water to chat..

Si shoti isn't really much of a swimmer, sabi niya.. kaya he decided to just hold his cellphone, sitting at one end of the cottage while playing with JJ, dun lang kasi may signal e..

Shoti is all dressed up after swimming.. Stop na sya kasi he might suffer sunburns e.. kawawa naman ang baby ko, if ever..

My hubby held Shoti.. At that time kasi, shoti was crying.. ewan ko ba.. He just enjoys crying while we scamper off to get him.. Habit nya na talaga.. sometimes it's irritating pero what can I do? Adorable kasi baby ko e..

Balong was standing on the bench when I took this.. he even insisted that I take the background also para daw sa friendster..

He was really furious with this picture kasi may sumingit.. nevertheless, okay naman rin ang pagkakuha e.. kaya siguro, he kept silent na lang..

Did you see the devil's horns? Arms yan ni dich.. haha..

Before we left Gregorio, I had the privilege to take a shot at Masau Resort.. This is in front of the Resort, where we are staying.. The cottages was lined up and similar to the cottages that we had occupied.. The ramp was composed of chopped wooden logs, some were coco lumbers, others were kawayans..

Before starting our journey home, we went off to Marton's for lunch.. The food was superb specially the beef steak and buttered chicken.. It was cooked to the taste that I like most, that's why I find it tasty..

We left Mati after noon time.. Took some shots at the back of the multicab.. It was stolen shot, again..

Another shot at the back.. picture pala.. pangit pakinggan ang shot ha..

We stopped over at Tagum, palengke.. Guys, they have areas for ukay ukay.. this is mom.. She actually tried sneaking inside to have a good look at the goods.. At the end of the journey, she said she didn't find anything to her liking.. kaya hindi na siya bumili..

And we came across this ad.. I was really laughing when I saw this sign.. sumakit na nga tiyan ko sa kakatawa.. Sayang nga at hindi ko nakuha yung isang blooper sign.. There was this sign kasi an "lot for sale", posted upside down.. ewan ko kung anong lot ang binebenta, yung sa langit na lot o sa lupa.. tsk tsk tsk..

Prior turning the corner of our street, I took this shot.. Shoti kasi was grabbing all the things inside the cab.. My hubby decided to put him on his lap para tumahimik while he holds the steering wheel.. I have this feeling that he wants to drive a car when he grows up.. *sigh*.. sana hindi maging reckless like mom.. hahaha

and so, this was the end of our overnight trip to Mati..

Till next issue..