Migraine.. It's a killer!

I’m having migraines again.. For 4 consecutive days already..
Only to find out that 10 to 15% of the people who have migraines can see auras, 15 to 30 minutes prior the attack of a severe headache which lasts for 4 to 72 hours.. *sigh*..
Curious as I am, I searched the web for the causes of migraines..
Here are the list of the possible causes of migraines:
  • Caffeine - I am taking 3 cups of coffee daily, 1 after lunch and another cup at 3:00 pm.. That’s my usual dosage of coffee.. When I browsed through the medical sites, the doctors wrote on their pages that caffeine causes vasospasm, the squeezing down of arteries.. Too bad, I have to stop taking coffee and sodas in the meantime.. Uh Oh.. will I be able to achieve that? Tempting..
  • Monosodium Glutamate - in every Filipino household, we make it a point to add a little of this “tak tak tak” ingredient to make the viand all the more tasty.. I had always thought that MSGs are causes to baldness of a person, yet, I didn’t know that there are other effects of too much MSGs.. One of which includes migraines.. So, instead of MSGs, we might have to resort to sugar instead..
  • Sleep - lack of sleep causes migraines also.. Although, I am sure I had been taking a very good night’s sleep everyday.. Except I have to wake up in between to prepare my son’s nightly milk formula.. I wonder if waking up so early is a cause of migraines too?
  • Menstrual Periods - ok.. This might be a cause.. Since, I had been obserbing my migraine attacks and it comes close to my menstrual period.. Most often, it occurs a week before my monthly cycle.. Since menstruation is associated to depression, depression is a possible cause to migraine attacks also..
So I had been having the “aura” attack first before my head starts to feel the pain.. The aura, as I had observed is a bright light, zigzag and moves to the edge from the center of the eye.. After the aura disappears, my head begins to feel the unbearable pain..
I often know that I’m going to have a migraine attack upon the observation of the “aura” appearing on my sight.. The disappearance of a certain part of your vision is a common effect when the aura appears..
I hate migraines.. It leaves me immobile.. No matter how hard you try to move and finish off what you are working at the moment, you can’t concentrate because the pain is too unbearable and you just want to sleep it off..
Luckily enough, when I have migraine attacks, I don’t vomit like the others.. But, still, I’m in the unique 10 to 15% who has a vision of the “aura” just before the pain starts to attack..
So, anyway, once the attack starts, make sure, you stop what you are doing.. Close your eyes and rest it.. Take a pain reliever.. Sleep it off if you can.. If it gets too constant, consult a doctor..
That’s what I’m gonna do.. *smiles*


Jingum Bells..

“Jingum bells, Jingum bells

Jingum all the way..

Oh, what’s fine it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh..


Naku, it’s 30 days away and it’s going to be Christmas! yipee!!

Whoever says that they can’t feel the spirit is numb..

Ewan ko ba..

Kung di ka pa nakakadama na excitement sa holiday break tuwing naririnig mo ang Christmas songs sa mall everytime you go there, aba, manhid ka nga..

Our little neighbors nga are starting their traditional pieces already, singingng na “Jingum bells”..

nakakatuwa nga naman talaga when you see little children avidly walking down the village, counting their earning after singing and practicing their next piece with their pharaphernalias, stones, sticks, bottle caps and the likes..

and ending the song with “Thank you, Thank you and babarat ninyo“, for the people who gives less..

Sometimes nga, it’s nice to go back to your childhood e..

Yun bang, di ka over stressed from work, yung babagsak ka na lang sa bed and skipping dinner because you’re too tired from work..

Yun bang, di puro finances ang pinoproblema mo, kung hindi, how you’re goingng home from school, will it be na maglalaroka ng game console or just spend the entire afternoon with friends chatting and playing games..

Tapos pa, when you see lights at night, in different houses, you get really amazed by the beauty and joy they bring..

and the only thing you’re worried about is Santa Claus, that he couldn’t have forgetten to include you in his list since you had been good all year round..

And, the handful of gifts from friends, relatives and ninong ang ninangs and the thought of just opening them all and what’s in it..

Well, going back to reality, let me wish my friends an early greeting..

Merry Christmas!