I'm back

Oh hey..

It's been 2 years since my last post here..
I had been too much preoccupied with work lately and I can't get away from it..
Facebook has become a fad in the company and locally, it's trending that instead of doing an entry, I diverted into checking out friends with new photos and new statuses..
I had become addicted to several Facebook applications before but eventually grew tired of it..
my latest hobby is to download mobile ebooks and read to my heart's content after work..
It's something that refreshes my spirit up on a tired day..
Also, I am into a new not-so-big business venture, working my way on the ladder..
I sure hope everything will come out the way I dreamt it to be..

My kids are growing already..
the 3 of them are in school..
The eldest, the twins, are in Grade 2 while my youngest is in Kinder 1..
Time flies sooo fast indeed..
It was as if I conceived them yesterday.. only to find out that they're 8 and 5 respectively..
It's a good thing though, that they're still the same 'malambing' sons as they were before..
They're more curious this time as they grow older and at times, threw different questions at me..
In a way, I find it difficult to answer when it becomes too intense, I'm pretty sure a lot of mommies can relate to what I'm trying to say..

We got us a new home, yey!
We relocated and find it very nice and comfy at our new home..
the neighborhood is really quiet, the subdivision is not too big, only a few are living in our area..
We love the breeze there, it's really windy at 3 PM onwards..
The kids play with their friends who lives in the neighborhood..
and they adore outdoor sports.. Basketball, biking, walking, running around, you know..

Anyway, so much for the missed entries..
I'll try harder to update more..