Christmas Slipping By..

After the short Christmas break, now comes work..

Work na naman!!! Ano ba yan?!

Well.. Honestly, if it hadn't been for this so-called job description at my Uncle's Box Plant, I wouldn't be this comfortable..

So, nevertheless, complaining about work stuff won't get me anywhere.. nyahahhaa..

Pasabut, I have to live by it..

Okay.. Okay..

Uncle, I'm not complaining at all.. Even Sunday duties are swell..!! *grinding teeth*.. Just don't make it a habit lang.. hahahahhahaa..


Can't wait for the New Year's break though.. That would eventually happen on the 31st of December until January 4..

I'm keeping my little fingers crossed that there won't be anyone who would call me to remind me I have to report to work tomorrow.. Just this Holiday break please!!!!


I would be ultimately happy for the short break after the 4 days 7 to 7 operation in DAVCOR.. Well, a free lunch is a + + factor already.. So, I guess, it's not so bad after all.. nyhahahhaa..

Plus, my aunts from manila are here! yey!!

after 10 years of not seeing them, finally, I get to bond with them even for a short time..

Wow.. time travel so fast.. I have to hold on to it, otherwise, I might be missing a lot of things.. Letting all the good stuff slip by would be such a waste..

Okay Okay! I'm not complaining.. Who says I'm complaining with the work I had been assigned to??


Although, there are a few stuff that I would be really grateful for if things were to change slightly.. *wink* *wink*..

oh, you wanna know?? nah.. I'll just probably keep it to myself for now..

Until such time that everything will come out of the foggy field.. nyahhaha..

happy new year!

xss.. oh yeah, which reminds me.. My aunts can't get enough of my kids.. everytime they would see them, they'd go on blabbing who's more handsome, who's more chinese looking, who's who.. those kind of stuff.. Like you know.. of course the proud momma is grinning from ear to ear when she hears that.. The doting a-ma also feels proud to tell them that she adores Shoti the most.. naks naman!



I am 32..


Let's just face it..

Time is catching up really fast..

It was just a few months back, now I'm 32.. As if naman, murag yesterday lang ko nag 31.. hahahaha..

So, it has been a year since I had my 31st birthday.. I feel kinda excited to be out of the calendar na..

-- "Jenn and Dave, too bad, your teasing didn't really get into my nerves.. *wink*.. Anyway, I do think naman, my answer to your statement was purely nosebleed for a nurse and an IT.. I very well know you couldn't relate on the statistics, derivations, integrations, math equations, you know.. hahaha.. don't you think so? hehehe.."

So anyway, I am going to spend my day at home, yey! I had filed a vacation leave, even if I'm not supposed to.. considering the work that I have to face, but nevertheless, a day out of the office wouldn't hurt that bad for the company at all.. E, I doubt it if I'm really useful pa at this moment in time.. Am I, dear managements?

I would want to go to church, Thank God for giving me a fruitful whole year round.. There are ups and downs and blessing in disguises.. It wasn't at all that smooth, but, I think I can keep up to the beat.. Matud nila, go with the flow, dance with the music.. Ana lang gyud tingali..

I wanted to watch twilight, is the movie still showing in the cinema? and Eat a really huge cheesy popcorn, yum yum yum, delicioso, according to Diego, my son's favorite character.. Remember Dora the Explorer's cousin? Well, everytime the cartoon pops up, Shoti would yell, yey, Diego!

Hmm.. Probably, I'd window shop the whole afternoon.. I'll be looking for gifts for my little inaanaks.. My exchange gift worth Php 200.00 and up.. and clothes for myself.. weee..

Finally! Makapalit na gyud ko ug something for me.. I hope.. *fingers crossed* still..

I hope it would be a hassle free day.. Away from stress and the hectic time tables.. From the unanswerable queries floating in my head, overtime..

I hope it would rain.. I always am wishing for the rain to come.. Judith and Gima nga, my boss and co-Laboratory Analyst in LFC, would really smile at me when the rain pours.. They know I love the rain..

Last year, I prayed for the rain.. Little did I know, it took 3 days for the rain to stop.. The girls nga were teasing me that I should be more specific next time if I wish for another rain.. Baka, it would be typhoon already, at di na simpleng rain lang.. hahaha..

E, God naman has been generous to me.. and I was hoping He'd be extra extra generous this time..

-- "You know Lord, what I had been wishing for so long now.. I hope I'd get it this time.. No amount of material thing would really compensate the happiness that I would feel and my family would feel if it happens.. Sana, he'll be home this Christmas.. Sana.. Pasensya nga pala for the overly stupid mistakes that I had made in my life.. what's good lang is that I had learned a lot from being stupid.."

-- "Uy diay, Dionnafe, happy birthday to us.. As I had been telling my friends "always" Gigi for the questions that they throw at me with regards to my age is that AGE IS JUST A MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION WHICH WENT THROUGH DERIVATIONS AND INTEGRATIONS, UNDERWENT A LOT OF EQUATIONS AND ARRIVED AT A SOLUTION.. Let their noses bleed.. nyahahha..

And, I would probably go to sleep, unwind, indulge myself in vices, alcohol alcohol alcohol, beer beer beer.. hahahaha..

So, happy birthday to me.. I'm 32!!!! ew..


Dear Santa

It's still early as we're still 16 days away from Christmas..
But, I would want you to know that I have my wishlist too, *wink*.. hahaha..
I'm not really ultimately good but I think I had been behaving well the whole year round.. I guess.. hahaha..
So here are a few stuff that would make me really happy when I get to have 'em for Christmas..
  • I have been eyeing this Mickey Mouse mp3 player, with 2 gigabyte memory.. I want the blue one.. But nevertheless, would be so happy even if you decide to give me a red one.. Here's the site from multiply that I thought you should see for you to know what I'm talking about.. http://brusselsprouts.multiply.com/photos/album/83/CUTE_MICKEY_MP3_PLAYERS_
  • Mid this year, I wanted a laptop.. It can really help me with the stuff I'm doing, you know, work.. and some, itty bitty sidelines.. hehehe.. I really plan to have one, but, if you think I deserve to have a laptop for Christmas, can you please make it sure that the processor is Quad Pro something, 2GB ram, 1MB memory.. Or even if it's just enough for an Autocad to run, that would be fine.. *grin*..
  • I also wanted to receive a digital camera.. *grins*.. An 8.1 Megapixel Black Sony Cyber-shot W150 Digital Camera DSC-W150/B is perfectly fine with me.. It can be found at this site, http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=16200
  • If it ain't too much, Santa, maybe you can include a 5.0 Megapixel Camera Phone, a Sony Ericsson K850 Cyber-shot Phone Blue, found at http://www.sonystyle.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=16203
  • Also, my kids wanted to have their own game console.. Can you please give them a Sony PSP?? hehehehe..
Oh And Santa, please don't forget to put my dad in your sack.. By all means, I'd gladly trade all of those material thingies for my dad..
Love, Agnes


Turning 32..

So, I'm going to be 32, officially, in a couple of days..
I'm counting down.. funny..
When most people are scared of being "lagpas sa kalendaryo", I, on the other hand, don't mind it at all..
Being 32 isn't that scary naman as what people say it is..
Okay, maybe, I'm just one of the few lucky people who don't give much thought about getting into the "mid life crisis"..
What the heck, anyway..

First and foremost, I kinda think I'm living life the way I am supposed to live it..
I have 3 beautiful children.. They're growing up really fast and although I can't catch up, still, I am trying to minus my age and double up the fun..
Maybe, the deprived childhood that I had is slowly being compensated now..

Secondly, maybe married life isn't that bad at all..
Yes, we do have fights, mostly financial, and at times, I would give it a thinking on why I got married in the first place..
But, as it is, other married couples may have experienced the same, in the first place..
And, it's not as though you're gonna be in the same situation everyday..
So, what I do, is just to put myself into dreaming of happy thoughts, maybe, that's just the way it is..

Thirdly, career-wise, it's better..
I get more, spend more, although I still consider what I earn as not really enough, but nevertheless, I can buy a few more stuff that the family needs..
I used to earn only half of what I earn now, but, life was never that bad..
Now I'm earning more and I would say, it's much better..
I bought a few stuff, necessity of course, and is under the process of getting my house, under the Pag-ibig's housing loan..
Yey! that's one thing that I could say is "well done"..

Well.. My relationship with my siblings became better..
We used to have this problem with my brother, Benny..
Not exactly him, but, his "so-called" wife..
But, things got better after the confrontation, so, all's well that ends well, I hope..

Mom is just the same..
Supportive but just couldn't stop herself from making sarcasms..
That's the way moms are supposed to be, I guess..

Just the way they are packaged, unique and special..

So, currently, things are running smoothly..
and I'm kinda proud to say that I learned a lot in life..
Sometimes, the hard way..
Being the positive person that I am, I'm sure, it's not going to hinder me from moving on..
and who knows, things will get much better in a couple of years..

and so.. I'm turning 32 in a couple of days..
Nothing to worry about..
32 isn't really a big "hindrance" at all..
The laugh lines, the wrinkles, they don't even matter..

and to what I always say to people who asks of my age..
"Age is just a mathematical expression created by man.. coming from derivations and/or integrations and other mathematical computations.. I for one, don't know if these computations are exact.."
hahahaha.. Nosebleed, Dave said..

and so.. I'm turning 32, officially..
and, I still miss dad.. *sigh*..


Migraine.. It's a killer!

I’m having migraines again.. For 4 consecutive days already..
Only to find out that 10 to 15% of the people who have migraines can see auras, 15 to 30 minutes prior the attack of a severe headache which lasts for 4 to 72 hours.. *sigh*..
Curious as I am, I searched the web for the causes of migraines..
Here are the list of the possible causes of migraines:
  • Caffeine - I am taking 3 cups of coffee daily, 1 after lunch and another cup at 3:00 pm.. That’s my usual dosage of coffee.. When I browsed through the medical sites, the doctors wrote on their pages that caffeine causes vasospasm, the squeezing down of arteries.. Too bad, I have to stop taking coffee and sodas in the meantime.. Uh Oh.. will I be able to achieve that? Tempting..
  • Monosodium Glutamate - in every Filipino household, we make it a point to add a little of this “tak tak tak” ingredient to make the viand all the more tasty.. I had always thought that MSGs are causes to baldness of a person, yet, I didn’t know that there are other effects of too much MSGs.. One of which includes migraines.. So, instead of MSGs, we might have to resort to sugar instead..
  • Sleep - lack of sleep causes migraines also.. Although, I am sure I had been taking a very good night’s sleep everyday.. Except I have to wake up in between to prepare my son’s nightly milk formula.. I wonder if waking up so early is a cause of migraines too?
  • Menstrual Periods - ok.. This might be a cause.. Since, I had been obserbing my migraine attacks and it comes close to my menstrual period.. Most often, it occurs a week before my monthly cycle.. Since menstruation is associated to depression, depression is a possible cause to migraine attacks also..
So I had been having the “aura” attack first before my head starts to feel the pain.. The aura, as I had observed is a bright light, zigzag and moves to the edge from the center of the eye.. After the aura disappears, my head begins to feel the unbearable pain..
I often know that I’m going to have a migraine attack upon the observation of the “aura” appearing on my sight.. The disappearance of a certain part of your vision is a common effect when the aura appears..
I hate migraines.. It leaves me immobile.. No matter how hard you try to move and finish off what you are working at the moment, you can’t concentrate because the pain is too unbearable and you just want to sleep it off..
Luckily enough, when I have migraine attacks, I don’t vomit like the others.. But, still, I’m in the unique 10 to 15% who has a vision of the “aura” just before the pain starts to attack..
So, anyway, once the attack starts, make sure, you stop what you are doing.. Close your eyes and rest it.. Take a pain reliever.. Sleep it off if you can.. If it gets too constant, consult a doctor..
That’s what I’m gonna do.. *smiles*


Jingum Bells..

“Jingum bells, Jingum bells

Jingum all the way..

Oh, what’s fine it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh..


Naku, it’s 30 days away and it’s going to be Christmas! yipee!!

Whoever says that they can’t feel the spirit is numb..

Ewan ko ba..

Kung di ka pa nakakadama na excitement sa holiday break tuwing naririnig mo ang Christmas songs sa mall everytime you go there, aba, manhid ka nga..

Our little neighbors nga are starting their traditional pieces already, singingng na “Jingum bells”..

nakakatuwa nga naman talaga when you see little children avidly walking down the village, counting their earning after singing and practicing their next piece with their pharaphernalias, stones, sticks, bottle caps and the likes..

and ending the song with “Thank you, Thank you and babarat ninyo“, for the people who gives less..

Sometimes nga, it’s nice to go back to your childhood e..

Yun bang, di ka over stressed from work, yung babagsak ka na lang sa bed and skipping dinner because you’re too tired from work..

Yun bang, di puro finances ang pinoproblema mo, kung hindi, how you’re goingng home from school, will it be na maglalaroka ng game console or just spend the entire afternoon with friends chatting and playing games..

Tapos pa, when you see lights at night, in different houses, you get really amazed by the beauty and joy they bring..

and the only thing you’re worried about is Santa Claus, that he couldn’t have forgetten to include you in his list since you had been good all year round..

And, the handful of gifts from friends, relatives and ninong ang ninangs and the thought of just opening them all and what’s in it..

Well, going back to reality, let me wish my friends an early greeting..

Merry Christmas!