Conquered the Beach - twice

We went to the beach! Yep, we did..
It was a pre-birthday celebration, yet, the celebrant was stranded in Manila due to his friends' visit and a post-birthday celebration with the celebrant..
Here are pictures..

The children and their try at the sand castle..

Groupie.. Yuppies.. *wink*

The single lady with the lovebirds, newlyweds, of course..

The food, extra yummy..

The kids tried out the floating device, improvised interior.. *geez*..

and the puppies, in love..

So, that was the pre-birthday beach party.. Here are pictures of the post birthday party..

One fine day..

The celebrant and his wife..

The food that was set on the table, cooked to the limit, not charred..

I, super duper, love my baby to the max.. Do we look alike??

Mariposa and Luningning (??).. I'm not sure if I got it right..

Hmm.. I forgot the baby's name, actually.. Too bad.. but the parents, Dennis and Bam2x, I remembered.. *wink*

Labo Labo.. grabbing the ball and throwing it at someone.. "It", the one who's hit..
Later, they lost the ball.. *sigh*..

Turn overs, to the other team..

Pakwan, woohoo!! hmm.. it's hidden somewhere.. *ouch*

The hidden treasure.. *yipes*!