Catching Up..

I was so glad that my childhood friends went to our tiny home last week, 6th of January to be exact.. We used to be neighbors back then, back when we were still innocent enough to have lice in our hair and swim in a man-made "lake" and canal.. Canals were literally clean back then..

Anyway, we just missed a friend who wasn't able to come, Inday Roca, since she's now based in Manila.. and the other friend, which I honestly forgot to inform, Neneng Planco Sialana..

But, nevertheless, I'm glad that we had a bit of catching up.. Maricris CasiƱo is now dating someone and I think is going steady already with him.. We haven't met her boyfriend, Herb, yet.. But, I'm happy that she's happy and shares the same faith with him.. that's what's important..

Nining Lim, on the other hand, has another baby, another addition to her family, a boy.. he's really adorable and cute.. and, she's back to her old figure..

Anyway, we still are planning for another get together, hopefully, everyone will be able to attend this time..

Thank you God for childhood friends, they're literally genuine and a keepsake..


Rainy days and Wednesdays..

Crazy weather we have here, as we were supposed to enjoy a cold and rainy season sometime December but we had the opposite since it was hot and humid with not too much rain..

January came and we had a series of days that's raining, I think today is the 4th or 5th, if I'm not mistaken.. and, I'm not complaining, nah-uh.. I love rains.. I love the cold weather, the cold breeze.. I love how I make myself comfy under a pile of sheets and sleep close to my hubby to make it more comfortable..

My youngest brother, Dave, gave me a "pet name", a frogmel (a frog and a camel combined), for loving the rain and drinking too much water.. and when it rains, they know I'm in a state of euphoria, no kidding.. :)

The photo above, as you can see, is a distant shot of Mount Apo.. I already zoomed my camera to the nth level just to focus the peak surrounded with clouds.. I would love to reach the peak someday.. Anyway, while I was taking the picture, there was a light rain shower.. and that made my day today.. :)

Here's to more rainy days.. I sure hope this summer won't be as cruel as the last one.. *fingers crossed*..


Happy New Year

a happy new year to everyone.. and.. we surpassed another decade..

let's say we're off to another fresh start this year, considering we just ended another 10 years..

and, yey! we finally have a picture to hang on our wall.. cool huh? we had it taken on mom's birthday.. plus.. these aren't the only pictures that we got.. we have a couple more..

How was everyone's new year, so far?

We spent it at mom's after we had our family dinner on the 31st, which was also mom's 62nd birthday.. watched TV, waiting for the countdown, and after the countdown, went to sleep.. nothing fancy since Davao City has been free from fireworks and firecrackers for plenty of years now, making it 100% free from firecracker injuries after they started banning them..

Looking back to the year that was, which was fantastic to us, I had a lot of things to be thankful for.. family, friends, our current status and God, most of all..

I'm pretty sure 2011 will be a fantastic year also, God will make it a great year for everyone..

So, Cheers to the new year!