Harbour City: Dimsum Yum!

I am not what you call a regular blogger nor am I someone who creates one to swoon friends, acquaintances or strangers to support or buy stuff. But dang, I must say that this resto is one of those that you need to dine in and tick off from your bucket list.

To start off, I’m 100% Chinese... but I am one of those who would make use of one of the lyrics from a certain song that “Chinese food makes me sick” as a life quote.. If it weren't for the hubby who loves Chinese cuisines, I wouldn't really be one of those people who would go pick out a Chinese restaurant on an ordinary day. HOWEVER, I must say that this is one of those rare times that I would recommend a Chinese resto to friends or even acquaintances and this is the Harbour City Dimsum House.

Harbour City, as far as I know and as far as the powers of my taste buds can tell, is located at SM Lanang, in the heart of Davao City (to be honest, I rarely go out and check out food establishments which I can say is a must try). We went there at the spur of the moment when mom mentioned going to SM to find something to eat for snacks.

So, while walking around after parking at the basement, we decided to go to Harbour City... AND, we tried these:

Pai Kuat

Pork and Seafood Spring Rolls

Chili Pork and Shrimp Siomai

Bacon Siomai

Fried Shrimp Balls

Steamed Hakao
Garlic Pork

We also tried their Beef Sate and Yang Chow Fried Rice. Too bad, we weren't able to take pictures of it.

Well, the food experience at Harbour City Dimsum House, I must say, is a 8 out of 10 for me just because they ran out of halo halo at that time.

By the way, you can click on the picture for a much better view.


Friendship: Do you put a label to it?

Just yesterday, a friend of mine asked me if I put a category to people whom I met which somehow got me to thinking.

Here's what I think, not all friends can become best friends. Even if you put the label as "best friend", you'll never know if the other person felt that way towards you.

There are people who you think are confidants and you consider them as friends. However, when you start to share things that you consider top secret, they shut you off immediately. Others, on the other hand, couldn't stop themselves from squealing.

There are people who you think are your friends but in reality, they're just there for the beer drinking sessions, parties and for freebies.

There are friends who you think are brothers or sisters from another mother. Only you will find out one day that they stabbed you at the back.

Extremely close friends are rare, in my opinion. Even if you think someone is your close friend, but then, actions can make them become acquaintances in the future.

Don't think I don't have best friends and close friends. In fact, I have a lot of them.

I remembered making a status post in my Facebook account a few days ago and it went like this:
"In life, you will meet different kinds of people. Some you may like, some you may not like and some you may loathe. The important thing is you need to know how to dance with the music and avoid people you need to avoid. Remember that in a hectare of agricultural land, not all you till will come out as good crops."
So, yeah, I do give labels although I try my best to be nice. But, not in all situations though.

How about you? Do you categorize your friends?


This year.....

This year, I will remind myself over and over again that I cannot please everybody. That no matter what I do, nothing can satisfy each and everyone. And, even if I try the hardest, I end up breaking hearts.

This year, I will remind myself that through every disappointment, I will learn things and lessons that will be valuable to me. That amidst all the bad lucks that will come my way, there's no other way to go but up.

This year, I will remind myself to be kinder to others. That even if I am not perfect, I am trying my best to be a better human being.

This year, I will remind myself to take it slow. Not to rush and compete with the flow of life, to just enjoy every second of it and go to bed smiling and laughing over everything.

This year, I will remind myself of the things that really matter the most: my family. That everything I do, I do it because of them. That even if work is important, spending time with them is more important.

This year, I will remind myself to let God be the captain of my ship. After all, He's the reason why I exist.


Unhappy yet hopeful

Hey yo!

I know everyone still felt that the  holidays were too short and therefore each one of us hoped and wished to have an extended vacation even just for a little. But too bad, majority of us couldn't spare more holidays because it would be a bad omen to start the new year with too many absences. Such, was my case.

December wasn't really a blast for us. In the middle of it, my father in law was admitted to the hospital, stayed there for 2 weeks and sadly passed away after Christmas Day at the age of 83. Christmas for us was spent at the hospital, chasing the doctors, buying prescriptions and shelling out our cash bonuses for a greater purpose but no regrets though. I was still happy to at least have given than have done nothing at all. And, thank God for it because I now somehow know what I'm capable of and what kind of person I am.

New Year came but there was nothing special for us too. We were grieving after we sent a family member to his final resting place 2 days before New Year's eve. So, it was a quiet New Year for us. My kids and I went to light a candle at St. Jude Parish, watched some Christmas decorations displayed at the City Hall and went home, drank a little, talked to hubby about different stuff and ended up snoring 2 hours after we blew and honked horns.

So here I am, sleeping off a migraine and spending the whole day tucked in bed and somehow coping up with the throbbing pain and literally unhappy about taking a day off from work.

Yes, to be honest, I'm not happy for skipping work. I don't to hear disappointments, complaints, etc. So much for working in a company owned by a relative. *sigh*

Oh well, maybe it's a sign for something. I just have to absorb it somehow and whatever it may be, I think, I have to think further ahead.

Good luck to our 2014! Let's hope this year will go more smoothly than last year and probably end it with something very good! God bless us!


It's 34 days before Christmas!

In the Philippines, Christmas is the most celebrated event of the year.

And, since I'm living in a Christian country, the Philippines, one of the values that was instilled in our minds was to give importance to family. After all, the family is the one you go back to when everyone turn their backs on you.

So, no matter what the distance is, no matter what the hurdles you had and had not conquered, it doesn't give anyone an excuse to say no to family reunion celebrations during the Christmas season.

To everyone in the world, here are the station IDs of the local TV networks in the Philippines:

And since I can't find the newest Christmas Station ID of TV5, I had put their old one instead.

So, Merry 34 days before Christmas!


Bangon Pilipinas

I'm such a balat sibuyas. I get sentimental when I see pictures of the typhoon Haiyan's destruction.

I had been one of those people who cannot stop criticizing the government but amidst my personal sentiments, I still believe that they can do better if they give focus and heart to the issues at hand.

Maybe, the Filipinos are still inexperienced in handling the after effects of a very strong typhoon. Yet, I believe that we get to learn valuable lessons after this, after everyone has recovered.

As the saying goes, "There's always a rainbow after every rain."

So, let me leave you with this revived song that is very applicable to the current situation we're facing now. Let's do our share. Let's help.

Babangon tayo Pilipinas. :)


Come out, come out wherever you are....

Yes, tomorrow marks the 7th day after the strongest typhoon, which was named as Haiyan internationally and Yolanda locally, hit a portion of Visayas.

Social media networks can't get enough criticisms against the government. And yes, I'm one of those people who had been criticizing a lot basing on the response that the government gives to ease the situation in Visayas.

I can't say that we don't lack equipments because we do. We don't have enough high-tech facility that can make the government's job easier.

We don't have enough funds to, at least, give enough food for all the victims from the typhoon.

But the lack of attention on this situation is really unacceptable.

If you're wondering why I can't stop from posting my complaints against the government, then allow me to tell it to you.
  • Master plan, rescue missions, reinforcements were late. I don't know why they could put these on hold when these should always be the first step in alleviating the grief of the victims. It's not as if typhoons cannot be predicted. When a typhoon shows up on the weather system, rest assured that the weather people know its estimated time of landfall, the intensity of the rain and wind, also the "possible" after effects of such typhoons. Hence, master plans should be prepared ahead of time from the hourly weather images they see. From the master plan, they can already prepare "possible" rescue missions and reinforcements in clearing the road, collecting bodies and giving out food. It's such a disappointment to see that the first people to arrive on ground zero were the aids provided by international governments. We're supposed to be the first people to respond to the situation. And, since the LGUs aren't available because they themselves are victims, the national government should respond immediately. The question is, where's the national government?
  • No supplies until after a few days. It's understandable that roads have to be cleared. What I couldn't understand is why they didn't use the government choppers to drop off goods in different areas even in just a small proportion? 
  • Lack of body bags for the casualties. I couldn't blame the people for being so angry about how the government on how they handled this situation. After every calamity, it's expected that the number of casualties will rise. Majority of the Filipino people expected a swift response in clearing all the bodies, identifying them and initiate a mass grave for the burial. It's just so sad that there wasn't even a plan on this. Mass burial was unsuccessful at the first attempt. Government representatives are telling everyone that they don't have enough body bags. Are they just going to stop there and keep on making excuses? I hope they remember that the bodies are decaying already. In my knowledge, formalins will be deemed as useless in preserving the bodies because the water in the body will just eject the chemical. Expect a lot of bacterias in that area because of decomposition of not only bodies but also garbages as well. 
  • No alternative evacuation sites. Yes, that's the saddest part. Victims are left sleeping on the streets, at the airports and even beside dead relatives. Tents can be very good alternatives if only they're ready to dispose them to the affected families right then and there. But, according to the interviews, these tents are still not made. Tsk tsk tsk.
I wonder how much the victims will have to sacrifice after the typhoon, after losing their friends and family.

I remembered reading an FB post about an open letter from one of the victims who was pleading for the presence of the President on this situation. Pleading for the President to be at ground zero.

Natural disasters cannot be controlled. These are nature's way of telling people that we contributed to its wrath.

Nobody's blaming anyone for these disasters. But, the presence of the government, they need it the most.

I hope that the people elected would, at least somehow, show that they sympathize with the victims instead of just answering questions, assuring them that they are doing their best, counting death tolls, making statements of donations, etc.

At this time of crisis, even if we're not victims, we feel the need of a reassurance from the government officials, especially the President, by being there at ground zero and showing that they give a damn.