My Brother-in-law's wedding day

Hey guys! This issue is super long overdue already..

It's been quite a while since I last updated my blog..

Anyway, on the 30th of May of 2007, we went to witness my brother-in-law's, Vito, wedding day..
It was a grandiose occasion.. not really that fancy but grand..
I didn't expect it to turn out nice..
here are pictures that I took of them..
be the judge of my work with my new camphone..

* The wedding day was held on the 30th of May year 2007.. The ceremony was done at Tagum's Bible Baptist Center..

* This was the bridal car that graced the entrance of the bride in their church yard..

* Before the bride wore her wedding gown, I had the priviledge to take a picture of it together with her shoes and ring and coin set..

* In her shoes.. the footwear that she had chosen with matching stockings which she later decided not to wear..

* The pair of shoe together with the ring and coin set..

* The coin set was hidden away prior the ceremony since the baptists are not practicing the passing of coin to the bride from the groom.

* The veil and cord which was unused since their church didn't practice the wearing of the veil and cord on a wedding ceremony..

* Here is the complete set that the bride has prepared, the shoe, the flowers, the rings and the coins..

* The bride before she changed into her classic gown..

* She was actually nervous and excited at the same time as the big day had come for her to walk down the aisle and make a vow in front of their close kins and friends who went to witness the exchange..

* And cinderella has changed into her wedding gown.. It was a "wow"..

* It's just a fact that the bride look her prettiest on her wedding day..

* Honestly, she was super shy to display after she changed since their home was open to visitors and the people were peeping..

* This is me.. I had to check on the make up that I wore during our long drive to Tagum, Davao del Norte..

* I had to make sure that I don't look as horrible as I thought it would be..

* But I had convinced myself that for a beginner, it wasn't that bad at all..

* The make up artist did some retouch before the bride sped off to their church..

* Of course, she has to look her best, fascinating..

* It's just pure luck that her make up held for several hours without

* The flower girls in their mini gowns are absolutely beautiful.. Their motiff was even nice.. To think, that it was a last option to change the dress of the whole entourage.. Of course, the couple have to thank the in-laws, Gaga Zheng, for being extra helpful with the financials..

* I took this picture while roving around the house of the bride.. I saw my hubby's sister, the gorgeous lady at the right, and my hubby's aunt..

* Since I was checking on the sharpness and accuracy of the pictures, I decided to snap a shot to determine if it needs adjustments..

* The bride after the retouch.. the make up artist arranging her hair and checking out loose hair alongside.

* Upon the arrival of the official photographer, she was given several shots before she left for the church..

* the shoot was really classic, the gown was really nice and the flower made the picture more beautiful..

* Another shot of the bride with her mother..

* The mother was looking elsewhere huh?

* The groom with his father, my father-in-law, really jumpy before the ceremony began..

* I haven't really held his hand but the heart was thumpin' really loud.. hahaha

* The inside of the church, all decorated.. The little kneeler was where the bride and groom stood.. the pastor is in front, officiating the wedding ceremony..

* The bride's maids, in their wedding motiff, look simply elegant..

* A shot of one of the bride's maids, she's my hubby's niece..

* A shot of the bride waiting in the Baptist Church's nursery area..

* She was there to hide herself from the groom, although, they had dressed in the same house.. funny huh?

* A distant shot of the bride's flower together with the flower girls' baskets..

* A closer look at the bride's flowers, which was later thrown to all the single ladies to catch.. It's a tradition, actually..

* A stolen shot of the groom's men.. Hmm.. since others are looking at the cam, I think, it wasn't much of a stolen shot, after all..

* The flower girls sitting beside each other before the ceremony began..

* It was time for the bride to enter the church, taking nervously one step at a time together with her parents..

* As she walked down the aisle..

* The bride and groom facing the pastor, taking their vows, together, as one..

* Front view of the couple..

* The maid of honor together with the flower girls, standing the whole time..

* The maid of honor actually collapsed for lack of sleep.. And, she didn't take her breakfast..

* The groom's stepfather and aunt as his representative while they took the vow..

* The bride's parents..

* Mr. and Mrs. Adecer, officially, took their first kiss as husband and wife..

* The couple later on faced the crowd, while the people were generous in giving their applause to the newlywed..

* The groom signed their marriage contract..

* The bride did the same..

Afterwhich, the newlywed posed in front of the camera with relatives, friends and fellow church members for pictures..

After the wedding and reception, we went back to the bride's abode to relax before we headed home to Davao..

Our day ended with us leaving Tagum, satisfied and smiling, as we saw our closest brother being wed to the woman of her dreams..

To the both of 'em, our family wishes you eternal bliss and wonderful children and a contented life ahead..