No regrets

The course that we are going to take is something that we should look forward to. Never look back or you might miss a lot of things while you walk to your destination.

If you fall, stand up and be proud of yourself for having the courage to move on.

If there's a missing piece to the puzzle, analyze and solve the problem and be thankful that you're given a brilliant brain to think.

If you go through disappointments, frustrations and heartaches, smile like there's nothing wrong, move on and be thankful for God gave you a heart that can feel joy and pain.

Never regret for it can bring you nowhere near your goals.

Be happy and thankful always that you are still breathing and that there's hope, love and forgiveness that comes with every release of Oxygen from your lungs.

As I always say to people I know, "problems are meant to push you forward, make you strong and see that somehow there's hope to every situation."

By the way, this song is not related to this post. I just felt the need to put this in this post as this is one of my favorite songs. *wink*


The way I feel tonight

Dear Papa God,

Is it too much to ask for extreme patience, understanding and optimism? Because it's literally running out already.

Lately, I had been experiencing a lot of heartaches from someone whom I expected to support me in every decision that I make, be it good or bad. After all, it's for a long term goal. Yet much to my disappointment, my day always start and end with a lot of painful words being thrown at me. Now, I'm not even sure what "through thick and thin" really meant anymore.

I never regretted making mistakes in life, even if it meant falling and standing back again. I never regretted going through a rough road, even at times when the road is full of piercing stones and the only choice I have to move on is to walk without any shoes on.

To be honest Father, even if I had no regrets, I still can't take off the thoughts of giving up and going back to the place where I feel that I really belong, home. If only I didn't have any children to think of or any responsibilities to face, I would be glad to just leave everything behind and go back to where I started.

At times that I'm at my lowest, I try to put on a poker face and smile like there's nothing wrong. At times, I wanted to drown myself with beer just to cover the pain that I feel even if it's just a temporary solution.

Right now, Father, I feel lost, drained and empty. But I am going to choose the greater good: move on and assure myself that I'm doing the right thing.

Please help me understand all these things Father.

Love, Sweepz


Happy Teacher's Day!

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Teachers are the most patient being in the entire world and this blog post is made especially for them.

Thank you teachers for being our second parents. 
Let's face it, being a parent is really hard. Taking care of our children is never easy and when we're asked, we always say that they're a handful. Being a second parent to somebody else's children is even harder. Imagine controlling more than 40 children for at least 8 hours, five days a week. I'm sure one would go crazy on the first few weeks of the school year.
Thank you teachers for handing down your knowledge.
Teachers are gifted with a super stretched patience, answering all the questions thrown by the students, sometimes students even laughed at mispronounced words and extremely funny answers. Hey, admit it! We had been naughty once. We laugh at our teachers' backs, placed our attention to something else, draw cartoons and God knows what others did during school days. For this dear teachers, I think you are supermen and superwomen of this days' generations.
Thank you teachers for bringing us to where we are now.
Yes, we wouldn't be who we are today if it weren't for you. Year after year, they face different challenges, especially on how to convey with students. Reaching out to each one of the not so innocent faces sitting in front of a teacher's desk is very hard especially since we're brought up in our parents' unique ways.
So, thank you dear teachers for everything. It's just right that you were given the credit even once a year for all the hard work that you had done in raising the future doctors, teachers, engineers, nurses, politicians, etc.

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Life is just....

Life is really complicated.When you want to do things for the benefit of everyone, sometimes, you get heartbroken.

I had always dreamed that I would be able to be very successful career-wise. I dreamed that I will be able to provide the best for my kids: a very good school, beautiful clothes and even the things that I was deprived of when I was still young. I dreamed that aside from being successful, I will be able to balance my family, career and spiritual life.

I'm working on it now and I'm not even halfway. But according to my boss, "thoughts become things" and that's what I'm contemplating about. That's why I often tell myself that "I will succeed, I will succeed". Hard but I'm trying my best to reach that state. *whew*!

And yes, it's heartbreaking. Especially if people around you and close to you looks to you as if you'll fail. Good thing, I'm optimistic and I can stretch my patience over a lot of disappointing things.

Oh well, anyway, I seriously would want to tell someone what I feel right now but I'm not brave enough to do so. Deep inside I feel that he knows how I feel but he just shrugs off his shoulder. Do not dare ask who this is because I'm not going to say a word.

For you:
 I am scared to share a lot of my dreams with you because you are the type of person that will not listen, not to me anyway.  I tried sharing some of them with you before but it seems as if I'm talking to a wall. You don't respond, none at all. But I know if your friends share their dreams with you, you listen intently, sometimes you even give a tip or two.
I hate it when you say that "it's okay" and you just keep it inside you that you're not. Please say a word. I can explain my point and if you still think it won't work, I will accept it and maybe pursue something else. Please put in mind that your opinion is highly important.
Whether you read this or not, I will still do what I think is right for my family, for me.