Conquered the Beach - twice

We went to the beach! Yep, we did..
It was a pre-birthday celebration, yet, the celebrant was stranded in Manila due to his friends' visit and a post-birthday celebration with the celebrant..
Here are pictures..

The children and their try at the sand castle..

Groupie.. Yuppies.. *wink*

The single lady with the lovebirds, newlyweds, of course..

The food, extra yummy..

The kids tried out the floating device, improvised interior.. *geez*..

and the puppies, in love..

So, that was the pre-birthday beach party.. Here are pictures of the post birthday party..

One fine day..

The celebrant and his wife..

The food that was set on the table, cooked to the limit, not charred..

I, super duper, love my baby to the max.. Do we look alike??

Mariposa and Luningning (??).. I'm not sure if I got it right..

Hmm.. I forgot the baby's name, actually.. Too bad.. but the parents, Dennis and Bam2x, I remembered.. *wink*

Labo Labo.. grabbing the ball and throwing it at someone.. "It", the one who's hit..
Later, they lost the ball.. *sigh*..

Turn overs, to the other team..

Pakwan, woohoo!! hmm.. it's hidden somewhere.. *ouch*

The hidden treasure.. *yipes*!


My Youngest son

Would you believe that the children are more advanced now??

My twin sons' birthday

It's the birthday of my twin sons, Kean and Khyle..

I didn't plan on any party this year..
First and foremost, we're short of cash, then, I am taking my medications to lower down my T3, T4 and TSH count..
Nevertheless, both my hubby and I planned to bring the kids to church, light a candle, and eat dinner somewhere..

But I didn't left out the cake, of course..

So, I left the office at 4PM.. Went to Victoria Plaza and bought a cake at Goldilocks..
Went to mom's and took a few shots of the twins..
I came from work, so, it means to say that the bad pictures I took is an excuse from being stressed out at work..


On Leave

I finally got the chance to apply my passport!
Including 4 new ones for my hubby and three kids..
I was really shaking with fear for my requirements..
and was really tired with all the to and fro activities..
photocopy, call hubby, did some erasures, drove to my children's school to get their fingerprints, went to mom's to get my youngest kid's fingerprints, went to hubby's school to get his signature..
and.. disappointing as it is, my hubby had to sneak out of office just to present himself at DFA..

Luckily, my hubby was done doing his payment before 11:30 AM..
and that was when I knew that DFA has a break time from 11:30 AM till 1:00 PM..

But prior the filing of the application with DFA, I went with my little bro to LTO to apply for his student license..'


a great weekend

I went to 2 birthday celebrations over the weekend..

The first one was my godson's birthday, Prince Nikolai Latoza..
Time flies really fast, you know..
He's 3 now.. and very active for his age..

I greeted him early, at around 6:00 am..
and later received a reply from his dad that Prince was asking for an ice cream..
And, to give an impression of a good godmother, I gave him a galloon of Double Dutch ice cream..

Later that day, I texted his dad, Eduard, that I won't be able to go to the party since the weather was all bad.. It was raining and the sky was gloomy..
He, then, convinced me to go for just a while..

and, so, I finally gave in, since I couldn't find any other reason to beg off..

Here are pictures I took of him..

This is Prince's backdrop.. Honestly, we were teasing his dad about it..
Why on earth did they choose a pink hello kitty design?
They must have forgotten that the celebrant is a boy??
err.. *knock* *knock*..

This is Prince..
I took this picture while he was running with his playmates..
They're carrying several balloons which later exploded..

This is another picture of Prince..
This time, I called him to pose in front of the camera..
He was later following my back, he wants more picture, could you believe?
But I didn't give in since the food was tempting.. *heehee*..

These are the 3 badketeers..
They were teasing me the whole afternoon, while eating..
and that, they just finished one of their project "chair" for me..
It's just pure luck that the food they ate didn't come out of their mouth..

I left the party at 5:00 PM..
talking of a party pooper..
but in the end, I was still glad that I went to see Prince..

Yesterday, Sunday, was my father-in-law's birthday..
I received a text from my sister-in-law asking for funds for the cake..
Since I was short of cash, with lots of bad debts, I was saddened since I wasn't able to shell out any..
Nevertheless, we were at papa's house the whole day..
Hubby was busy preparing the food, cooking and running errands..
Papa turned 77 yesterday and running..
Hopefully, God would bless him more wonderful years..

This was after the preparation..
They finished setting up everything including the magic sing and went on to waiting for the birthday boy to arrive from the mass..

The birthday boy, super young at 77..

The food, yummy.. Yes, it was really good..
I had concentrated on the famous chicken curry of my sister-in-law..
I couldn't help it, I'm always craving for her curry..

The cake from Boulangerie, if my spelling is right..
It was sheer luck that father's day and papa's birthday fall on the same day..

Papa, saying a silent prayer and his wishes on his birthday..

Diggin' in..

Catching up and slight business talk..

After dinner, it's siesta time..
Sang 'til he dropped, with El Hombre Tequila!

and he grabbed the mic from my hubby..
This is kuya, my hubby's elder half brother..

While waiting for their turn..

Papa's visitors..

My baby scanning the song book..
Hmm.. He might end up being a singer soon.. hehehe..

Sneaking a bite on Papa's cake..
Actually, they're just shy to let everyone see that they're big eaters..

The twins while waiting, killing the time, before going home..

My sister-in-law's pets..
The white one is milky while the other one is Sakura..
I wonder where they got those names..

And so, we left Papa's house a little past 9 PM..
Not satisfied, we had to go home since the kids has school the next day..

I took several shots, out of the blue..

This is a really odd tree..
It's all covered up with leaves..
and, would look lovely when trimmed..
You can find this tree at Gaisano Mall's Parking Area..

This is the area where I'm working..
The box plant..
I have yet to take a picture of the plastic plant, my concentration..

and being one with DENR, we have the "Beat the Heat" banner..


Reality Check..

Hey y'all..
What's the update??

Mom and I were talking of opening up a stall..
The greatest idea that I had so far was to concentrate on selling blank cds and dvds..
Wholesale or retail..
Good idea??
But.. we still have to start checkin' out on suppliers and manufacturers before anything else..
the costs per cd and the earnings..
mainly, the capital that we must shell out..
First things first, the feasibility study..
I'm sure my little sister will do a great job at it..
Cool huh?

For the past few weeks, I had been reflecting on my actions..
See, I have this officemate, who goes on blabbing about her dissatisfaction over the company policies and the law makers..
I always end up arguing with her since I thought she's a little pessimistic over a lot of things..
and worst of all, she makes decisions impulsively.. NO THINKING!
and after every conversation, I end up blaming myself for being tactless and hurting her in the process..
Hell, I love my friend, you know..
Sometimes, even if I know that I end up hurting her for the things that I said, I always console myself by telling it my brain over and over again that my frankness over her actions is a way of saying that I actually care..
The only thing that I don't understand was when she submitted her RESIGNATION before weighing the aftermath..
She's married, guys, and has a kid who's less than a year old..
Her husband is unemployed and has no plans of seeking a job, in other words, tamad..
Even if she's a nurse by profession, it doesn't always mean that she would earn an income more than a regular employee, professionals also, is paid..
And, her resignation really alarmed me..
I ended up reasoning with her and telling her to give her brain a job on this matter..
It would be really unfair for her child to experience hardship at such a young age, you know..
what's bad, most of all, was her reason for resigning - that the nurse must be in supervisory level at every company..
stupid huh?

well.. I also had told myself, eventhough both my husband and I are working, that it would be a bad idea to give up work..
First of all, I had children to feed and clothe.. Not to mention the education that I'm paying for every month..
and what about the water and electricity bills.. The food that we eat, the transportation and the vises..
at the end of the day, even if I had 2 memorandums in my personal folder, I would still thank that I'm patient enough to handle all the setbacks in the company..
Painful as it is, letting go of the insults for a better cause, my family's comfort..

I still miss my dad..
Mom and I had a better relationship, I guess..
My little brother, Dave, and I are much open to each other now.. We talk of mature things lately, like opening up a business for extra income.. We blurt out our grudges and disappointments, out of the blue.. and the good thing is, we play RAN together, something common..
Benny, naman, I think needs to learn a few more lesson in life.. sometimes, he hurt us by saying a lot of negative things at our back.. Even then, he's still my younger brother and I love him amidst all of it..
For both, Dich and me, we don't usually talk about stuff.. We're less open when it comes to brain storming.. I still have to work on it..

My sons are in Kinder 1 already.. They're starting to learn to read, add, subtract and they now listen to instructions.. They're less playful and hardheaded now, I guess, even kids grow up..
They still give me anxiety when I'm at work.. I worry about them always.. although I had to be stiff enough to let them be independent..
My premature son, Shane, is also progressing.. Although, he got his genes from me, grows little over a period of time, he still is getting to be normal.. He loves playing, cries over stuff, wants to grab everything and stomps when he doesn't get something.. I am doting him.. I love him most of all, maybe it's because he's the youngest.. hehehe..
but when measured, I love my 3 kids equally.. but sometimes, the attention I give for the 3 of them are not equal since I have to give out more on the little one, but still, I would confess that I love them equally..

I still thank God for giving me a good life, good mom, most of all..
but I still miss dada..



The day after the wedding, we decided to go for a swim at Bago Beach which is located inside Gulf View Subdivision..
We had too much left over food that would be such a waste if we just let it ruin in the refrigerator..
This is one of escapades where we had spent little..
The cottage cost PHP 200.00 with electricity..
The food was already provided..
Rice was around PHP 150.00
We spent PHP 200.00 on Gas..
So basically, it was the cheapest outing that we had..

here are some pictures I took of on that day..

I had given my twin sons the opportunity to play under the sun before they swam in the water.. The sun was too hot and I was taken aback of them swimming in immediately for they might get toasted.. And so, I decided to tell them to avoid hitting the water first..

The beach from afar..

My premature son with his dad.. Both of them spent most of the time together..

My companion, enjoying the water.. Water fight!!

Khyle, one of my twin son, smiling in front of the camera on our way home..

Kean, my other twin son, getting serious with dizziness and restraining to vomit..

and, oh yeah, this is my nephew!!

And, Sometimes, I can't believe how time flies..
my sons are getting bigger and stronger.. Shoti, my premature son, is progressing very fast.. He is now learning to climb the wall, jump, talk and even pointing at different objects and mumbling words I can't understand..
And oftentimes, when they're at my mom's, Shoti grabs the phone and talks as if conversing with someone.. He would really make mom laugh..
The joy of grandma..