This year.....

This year, I will remind myself over and over again that I cannot please everybody. That no matter what I do, nothing can satisfy each and everyone. And, even if I try the hardest, I end up breaking hearts.

This year, I will remind myself that through every disappointment, I will learn things and lessons that will be valuable to me. That amidst all the bad lucks that will come my way, there's no other way to go but up.

This year, I will remind myself to be kinder to others. That even if I am not perfect, I am trying my best to be a better human being.

This year, I will remind myself to take it slow. Not to rush and compete with the flow of life, to just enjoy every second of it and go to bed smiling and laughing over everything.

This year, I will remind myself of the things that really matter the most: my family. That everything I do, I do it because of them. That even if work is important, spending time with them is more important.

This year, I will remind myself to let God be the captain of my ship. After all, He's the reason why I exist.


Unhappy yet hopeful

Hey yo!

I know everyone still felt that the  holidays were too short and therefore each one of us hoped and wished to have an extended vacation even just for a little. But too bad, majority of us couldn't spare more holidays because it would be a bad omen to start the new year with too many absences. Such, was my case.

December wasn't really a blast for us. In the middle of it, my father in law was admitted to the hospital, stayed there for 2 weeks and sadly passed away after Christmas Day at the age of 83. Christmas for us was spent at the hospital, chasing the doctors, buying prescriptions and shelling out our cash bonuses for a greater purpose but no regrets though. I was still happy to at least have given than have done nothing at all. And, thank God for it because I now somehow know what I'm capable of and what kind of person I am.

New Year came but there was nothing special for us too. We were grieving after we sent a family member to his final resting place 2 days before New Year's eve. So, it was a quiet New Year for us. My kids and I went to light a candle at St. Jude Parish, watched some Christmas decorations displayed at the City Hall and went home, drank a little, talked to hubby about different stuff and ended up snoring 2 hours after we blew and honked horns.

So here I am, sleeping off a migraine and spending the whole day tucked in bed and somehow coping up with the throbbing pain and literally unhappy about taking a day off from work.

Yes, to be honest, I'm not happy for skipping work. I don't to hear disappointments, complaints, etc. So much for working in a company owned by a relative. *sigh*

Oh well, maybe it's a sign for something. I just have to absorb it somehow and whatever it may be, I think, I have to think further ahead.

Good luck to our 2014! Let's hope this year will go more smoothly than last year and probably end it with something very good! God bless us!