Twitter gadget on Gmail

Are you frustrated that you can't access Twitter from work because your IT Department blocked it?

Fret no more because a friend of mine just taught me how one could access Twitter through a Gmail account. Thanks to Twitter Gadgets.

So, here are the steps to get immediate access on Twitter.
  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Go to mail settings.
  • Click "Labs".
  • Click enable beside "Add any gadget by URL"
  • Click on "Save changes".
  • Go back to mail settings.
  • Click "Gadgets".
  • Under the "Add a gadget by its URL", type http://www.twittergadget.com/gadget_gmail.xml.
  • Refresh your gmail account.
If you noticed the "TwitterGadget" box at the bottom left side of your gmail account, then, you're ready to start tweeting away by logging in and authorizing the application.

Oh, by the way, if the gadget box is too small for you, you can click on the word "TwitterGadget" to make it bigger.

Enjoy tweeting!


(updated) Vacation Destinations: Red Parrot Inn, Samal

For the nth time, we're having another expense free chillaxing Sunday today courtesy of my sister-in-law, Emy Zeng. My husband's niece, Michelle, picked out Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn located at Kaputian, out of the different resorts in Samal. Apparently, she saw this flyer from Zest Air and took an interest in the photos that came with it

Anyway, we left Davao a little after 10 am. Took the barge to Samal and travelled more than 30 minutes of more than halfway of zigzag roads to reach Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn which was owned by Brock and Cleo Hook. My husband actually compared our short trip to the last one we had at Caraga, Davao Oriental.

Honestly, I wasn't really expecting anything impressive of Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn. Quite frankly, the pictures that we saw posted on the internet wasn't really that appealing. At the back of my mind, our Sunday will be spent ordinarily . Much to my surprise, I find the area serene and cozy, just like a typical rest house where you want to enjoy alone time and/or bond with your family.

So, here are a couple of photos I took of the 3 bedroom building of Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn which costs at Php 5,500 a night. Like most hotels, check out time is at 12:00 noon. Sorry if the photos I took isn't as good as professional photographers. I'm just an amateur but I hope I'll be able to show you photos of how nice this inn is.

This was what greeted us when we reached our destination.

Entrance was supposed to be at the other door but apparently, the inn was occupied so we had to use this gate here.

The island you see is Talikud. Somewhere in that strip is the famous Isla Reta.

To be honest, this is the first resort I went to that posted a warning at the gate before you proceed to the beach and I highly appreciate their safety precautions for their guest.

The tempting beach.

Their mini bar and store. Although a little expensive, the customer service is superb and they have free purified water for their guests.

The birds that greeted us with their whistles.

The open shower located before the entrance of the inn.

The top view of the stairs leading to 2nd floor.

Before you reach the 2nd floor, Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn made sure to provide their guests with a fire exit. I'm sure this will be highly appreciated by the guests who are going to check in. Oh by the way, other than the fire exit, they had also provided fire extinguishers in different areas of the inn just in case of fire.

The 3 bedrooms is located at the 2nd floor. The masters bedroom door is at the left side (not shown in the photos).

The master's bedroom with 1 restroom looks this nice.

The 2nd room looks this pretty also. They provided 2 double decks for 4 guests.

Just the same with the 2nd bedroom, the 3rd and last room is provided with 2 double decks.

The inn's living room and kitchen.

A relaxing Sunday wouldn't be complete without fun companions and, of course, food! Thank you sponsors! By the way, my sister-in-law is the one in black and white stripes. Beside her is her husband.

I noticed a few quotes posted on the wall. I thought it would be fun to share it.

The other cottages that are for rent are located at another area. Other cottages available ranges from Php 1,200 to Php 2,000.

Currently, we're still here at Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn. I'm pretty much enjoying the free wifi here which is ultra fast but you have to request for access before you can start browsing. 

I'm honestly looking forward to coming back here on December. As early as now, my sister-in-law has reserved the 3 bedroom inn we're staying now.

In cases that you may want to drop by at Capt. Hook's Red Parrot, make a reservation or just inquire, you can contact the following numbers listed below:
  • Landline Numbers: 
    • (082) 286-1658
    • (082) 305-9257
  • Mobile Numbers: 
    • (0908) 944-7805 for Cleofe
    • (0907) 122-2091 for Aries 
    • (0930) 304-7055 for Caloy
    • (0919) 443-6080 for Boyet
If you want to check out their website, you can just click on Capt. Hook's Red Parrot Inn or type in http://www.redparrotinn.com.


Philippine Holidays for 2012

Hey friends! If you're planning on taking vacations for the year 2012, check out the Philippine holiday list via Our Awesome Planet.

Watch out for these holidays:
  • January
    • January 1 (Sunday) - New Year's Day
    • January 23 (Monday) - Chinese New Year
  • February
    • February 25 (Saturday) - Edsa Revolution Anniversary
  • April - possible 5 days long weekend from April 5 to 9.
    • April 5 (Thursday) - Maundy Thursday
    • April 6 (Friday) - Good Friday
    • April 8 (Saturday) - Easter Sunday
    • April 9 (Monday) - Araw ng Kagitingan
  • May - possible 4 days long weekend from April 28 to May 1.
    • May 1 (Tuesday) - Labor Day
  • June - possible 4 days long weekend from June 9 to 12.
    • June 12 (Tuesday) - Philippine Independence Day
  • August - possible 4 days long weekend from August 18 to 21 and 3 days long weekend from August 25 to 27.
    • August 19 (Sunday) - Eid'l Fitr
    • August 21 (Tuesday) - Ninoy Aquino Day
    • August 27 (Last Monday of August) - National Heroes' Day
  • October - possible 3 days long weekend (depending on proclamation) from October 26 to 28.
    • October 26 (Friday) - Eidul Adha
  • November - possible 4 days long weekend from November 1 to 4 and 3 days long weekend from November 30 to December 2 .
    • November 1 (Thursday) - All Saint's Day
    • November 30 (Friday) - Bonifacio Day
  • December - possible 4 days long weekend from December 22 to 25 and December 29 to January 1.
    • December 25 (Tuesday) - Christmas
    • December 30 (Sunday) - Rizal Day
    • December 31 (Monday) - Last day of the year
Don't forget to plan your vacations ahead, you'll never know when a piso fares will show up.

By the way, thanks Our Awesome Plant.

(updated) Google Search Site

I love how google constantly changes the pictures on their search page. Don't you?

Google never fails to bring out the child in everyone, especially me.

Oh, I just found out that you can actually make the cartoon characters move and open their mouth. You just need to click the colored circles located below each one of them. That actually spelled F-U-N!


Jeepney Etiquette

This video is self explanatory... so, watch away!

Taking Care of Your Laptop's Battery

I recently got an Acer laptop (thank you mommy, by the way) and I had been a little too cautious of the battery's life. This was because of my youngest brother.

See, my younger brother got his Acer laptop a little about a year ago, if I'm not mistaken. Right now, his battery's life went from good to bad due to constant use of his unit. When he went to check how much a battery costs, we were shocked to find out that the it ranges between Php 5,000 to Php 7,000.

After learning the costs to replace a worn out battery, I'm starting to be paranoid. Alright, not just a little bit but more than 60% paranoid.

Anyway, I had been asking for tips from a few friends who are technically inclined when it comes to electronic devices and I found out a few that I think will help not just me but also you.

Let me share them:
  • Avoid draining a Lithium ion battery.
  • Avoid using your laptop while it's charging.
  • Keep your battery contacts clean.
  • Use an idle battery once every 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Hibernate your laptop instead of putting it on standby.
  • Avoid using your laptop at high temperature areas.
  • If you need to use your device for a couple of hours and multitask, it's better to plug it in. Make sure to remove your battery while your laptop is plugged in. This is also best in areas with little to no brownouts.
Techie experts say that following these steps will help you extend your battery's life for 1 to 4 years.

Well, I hope these tips are helpful. 

I sure am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to follow these steps religiously. Oh well.


In The Heat of Miss Universe Coronation Night

I'm sure everyone in the Philippines is disappointed when Shamcey Supsup was announced as the 3rd runner up. However, we still couldn't help but feel proud that she was included in the top 5. Indeed, Filipina beauty and grace is highly recognized by different countries nowadays.

So now that the coronation night is over, let's give all the 88 candidates of 2011's Miss Universe Pageant a round of applause for working very hard and congratulate those that won, including our very own "pambato ng Pinas".

Before I wrap this up, let me share to you 2 spoof photos which I'm sure will make you laugh.

Kahit saan nga naman talaga, di magpapatalo tong pamilyang Pacquiao! LOL!

2 weeks..

After 2 long weeks, my laptop is finally repaired. Whew!

After the trip from Caraga during the long weekend, I had to bring my laptop for servicing due to keyboard malfunction. Apparently, the staff from Complink told me that there were traces of liquid on it. Good thing Acer was kind enough to change my damaged keyboard to a new one, free of charge.

I highly commend Complink Abreeza and Acer for doing an awesome job. Thank you muchos!

Well, just in case guys, you want to pick out your own computer or any other devices that can be bought solely in the computer store, go to Complink Abreeza. They have friendly staff there who will assist you while you browse.


DDTee Shirt Printing Promo

Hey guys!

DDTee Shirt Printing would want to announce that they're having an early Christmas promo for everyone for the year 2011.

For t-shirt printing:
  • For 100 to 400 t-shirts - DDTee will give away 5 free t-shirts for every 100 pieces printed.
  • For more than 500 t-shirts - DDTee will give away 10 free t-shirts for every 100 pieces printed. This can also be converted into 5 polo shirts.
I have attached a price quotation for everyone in case you're going to ask. Prices shown below is based on a 6" x 6" logo with 3 colors.

Please click the photo to view a larger image

Prices are subject to change depending on the size and number of colors that will be used for printing. If you have any further inquiries, you can contact my brother Dave Tan at (0922) 865-3283.

Also, don't forget to like us on facebook. Click on ---> DDTee Shirt Printing. 


Christmas countdown?

It's just September but the streets in Davao are starting to show signs of an early Christmas. Radio stations are doing countdowns, playing the Yuletide songs and almost everyone is excited for the yearly Kris Kringle. I would know because I live in Davao and my colleague had started collecting names of people who want to join the exchanging of gifts while a few highway shops display their Christmas decors which are for sale starting the last week of August.

As for me, I couldn't quite put off the excitement I had been feeling since the last week of August. Oh no, it's not because of the Christmas bonus, but because of the wonderful feeling of giving and receiving when December comes. Oh, and I forgot to mention the birthday of Jesus Christ making our Christmas holidays solemn and special.

So, what about this year? I hope everything would be different. Of course there are traditions that we knew we couldn't excuse ourselves from: attending mass, Noche Buena and the likes. But then again, I hope I would be able to share more of my blessings to others. God has been wonderful to us, miraculous throughout the years.

Well, here's to more Christmas countdowns and early morning Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs on the radio.

Have an early merry Christmas. *smiles*


Teacher, you're such a temptation.

Alright, if you're going to have a teacher like her, I'm pretty sure you'll have the same reaction as the students in her class. Pretty ass, don't you think?

(Video is taken from NakedFunny.com's youtube upload)


Vacation Destinations: My Long Weekend at Caraga

How was everyone's long weekend?

Well, we spent ours at Caraga, Davao Oriental. It was actually a spur of the moment decision after my sister-in-law invited us on Thursday, that was 2 days away from the said trip. We eventually decided to let them know that we're joining them on Friday evening. We left for Caraga on an early Saturday morn. Quickie huh? Lucky me, my boss was kind of lenient that day with impulsive vacation leaves (he normally says no).

Well, the road trip took us at least 5 hours. It wasn't so bad since more than 90% of the roads we took were already cemented. I couldn't forget stopping by somewhere to stretch our limbs and to capture a few photos of the area. I was really in awe when I took a view from above. The sleeping dinosaurs (big and small one if you had noticed) were mesmerizing. I couldn't help but thank God for the wonders of his creations.

After a 30 minutes stretch, we went back to travelling again. When we reached our host's home (by the way, thank you to Edmon Ferrando's family for taking care of us and of everything when we were there), we took a rest, had breakfast, rested for a couple of hours and decided thereafter to go check out the beach. Since the beach was just around the corner, we walked all the way there. The kids, my children and their cousins, weren't able to resist taking a swim. I was even tempted to go for a swim but since it was scorching hot, I decided to restrain myself and just enjoy the view from a distance.

After going back to our hosts' home, we decided to take a bath at the nearest river. Since we left early and skipped shower, we took a much awaited bath at the river. We spent a few hours there, ate snacks and went back home to take a rest before supper. Mind you, the river was super clean and there were no houses near it to contribute pollution.

After resting and consuming a sumptuous dinner, our group went back to the beach to make a bonfire. There, we spent a few hours chatting and bonding. The kids had so much fun during the bonfire that they never stopped looking for leaves and wood to throw into the fire.

That marked our first day in Caraga, Davao Oriental.

We woke up the next day learning that our hosts were preparing our food for the "official" beach day. We had lechon (roasted pig) and kaldereta (goat's meat) for lunch. It was super yummy that the serving plate was empty in a few minutes time.

Travel time to the destination was approximately 20 minutes. When we got there, I immediately took a walk after seeing the beauty of the resort. Everything was covered in natural grain size white sand. The surroundings was so beautiful. It was nice, clean and well maintained. During low tide, you'll see rocks instead of sand for the beach floor (look at the picture below).

I walked the rocky stretch to reach the sea. It was an open sea by the way, facing Pacific Ocean. I observed a lot of sea urchins hidden in between the spaces of the rocks.

When I went back to our table, I couldn't help appreciating the naturally etched rocks. They were so nice that I had to capture a photo of it.

Of course, I had to ask someone to take a photo of me for a profile picture! *wink*

I also took a shot of the tree decorated with lamps. This was the tree that gave us shade during our stay at the beach.

We spent the night in 2 separate cottages. The owner of this resort, by the way, is an uncle of our host. We slept for free. Cool huh?

We woke up the next day and decided to hit the road again. That was a Monday. On the way home, we stopped by the little dragon again for a quick bathroom visit. Took photos and traveled again. We had a lot of fun in Caraga and we're planning again to go back there one day. Too bad we ran short of time, we weren't able to drop by their falls and spring water pool.

Well, since Tuesday was still a holiday because of Ramadan, my hubby and I decided to hit the malls. He went for a massage while I window shopped.

While I was checking out for toys for Christmas gifts, I found this! An angry bird inspired monopoly game. I never thought a lot of people would get inspired with angry birds.

Annndddd, before my long weekend ended, I decided to reward myself with a double oreo mcflurry. Sweet!

Well, we're hoping to have another road trip by the end of the year. I hope it will be sooner than that though. Anyway, happy thoughts and good vibes to everyone!