Friendship: Do you put a label to it?

Just yesterday, a friend of mine asked me if I put a category to people whom I met which somehow got me to thinking.

Here's what I think, not all friends can become best friends. Even if you put the label as "best friend", you'll never know if the other person felt that way towards you.

There are people who you think are confidants and you consider them as friends. However, when you start to share things that you consider top secret, they shut you off immediately. Others, on the other hand, couldn't stop themselves from squealing.

There are people who you think are your friends but in reality, they're just there for the beer drinking sessions, parties and for freebies.

There are friends who you think are brothers or sisters from another mother. Only you will find out one day that they stabbed you at the back.

Extremely close friends are rare, in my opinion. Even if you think someone is your close friend, but then, actions can make them become acquaintances in the future.

Don't think I don't have best friends and close friends. In fact, I have a lot of them.

I remembered making a status post in my Facebook account a few days ago and it went like this:
"In life, you will meet different kinds of people. Some you may like, some you may not like and some you may loathe. The important thing is you need to know how to dance with the music and avoid people you need to avoid. Remember that in a hectare of agricultural land, not all you till will come out as good crops."
So, yeah, I do give labels although I try my best to be nice. But, not in all situations though.

How about you? Do you categorize your friends?