Bye 2010.. Hello 2011..

Last day of work for the year 2010..

Almost ready, emotionally, even with a hangover from this year, to officially say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011..

So, anyone out there prepping up for their "so-called" New Year's Resolution?

Well, this year, I won't be meddling too much time thinking and listing down resolutions that I will break in 2011.. Nah-uh..

But still, since it has been a tradition for people to do a list for the New Year, I listed a couple or so that I think I can religiously keep..

Firstly, extended patience and time with my children.. 2010 has been a busy year at work, my shift is from 8 am to 7 pm.. and being one of the staff in the operations department, we can't just file a leave of absence at any time we want to.. Anyway, I hope I can keep up with my kids' list of activities this year, meaning, attending them and being with them on various occasions where they would need me.. As for patience, I will defo try to smile and understand them even if it means that they bombard me with their curious questions, every now and then, repeating them over and over again, not to mention their being playful at certain times..

Secondly, time for God.. eversince we transferred to our new home, we had been going to Church more often already.. that's a good start.. and I'm keeping my fingers crossed this time, that we make it a regular family day on Sundays by going to mass together as a family..

Thirdly, learn to cook.. I know this will be a tough one for me since my hubby does the cooking at home.. Honestly, I'm pretty scared getting burned with hot oil.. and admitting the fact that I'm no good a cook.. But yet again, I will definitely try to learn to cook a few dishes.. and maybe, I'll get the hang of it.. *smiles*

So, basically, these are the top ones that I think I can actually keep.. *fingers crossed*

Anyhow, here's to a prosperous New Year to everyone and let's claim it that God will bless us more each day.. Cheers!


2010 memories..

Christmas went by just like an ordinary day, no fancy celebrations, no street parties, no fireworks, etc..

Tata, my hubby, and I decided to put a little food on the table for Noche Buena in celebration with the birthday of Jesus Christ plus thanksgiving for the blessings we received this year, big and small..

Another year is coming to an end.. Hence, the countdown to New Year begins after Christmas..

Here are a few blessings this year that made a big impact in my life..

First and foremost, we transferred to our new home after the automated May elections, which was a first in the Philippines.. Anyway, our home is not big yet cozy and we couldn't thank God enough for making our little home happy..

Tata doesn't get too much mood swings after we transferred and that is one thing I'm thankful for.. not to mention, our family being healthy always.. Sure we had minor ailments but nothing major, so, thank you God for that..

And luckily, we have neat neighbors and I can say that our neighborhood is sort of quiet but we see a lot of friendly faces around the subdivision..

Our little home is facing east, I sure hope the moon and stars will bring us luck in that position, although I don't really believe in them, plus we get a lot of gentle breeze.. :)

My kids has finally received the body of Jesus Christ, their first communion, last November.. and I am one proud momma as I watch them, together with the other parents, all throughout the ceremony..

My kids are growing up so fast and I hope I can catch up with them even if it meant that I go breathless.. :)

Nevertheless, they never fail to make me happy eventhough at times, my patience with them is over the edge already..

I thank God, most of all, for giving me patience eventhough it's literally, stretched already..

We had our share of fun also this year.. I travelled twice..

First one was in February, as it was a gift from Uncle Boy, my Boss..

The trip was for free, for the whole family, from the tickets, to the accommodation which was at their Condo unit at Greenbelt and, not to forget, the pocket money..

The second out of town trip I had was with mom and my siblings.. We went to Hongkong for a vacay, children-less.. That was one vacation where I get to relax, being away from work for a week plus the priceless alone time with my family.. and it was splendid.. yet, it would have been more perfect if Dad was there.. :(

My youngest son is now going to school, his first year this year..

and I'm sooo proud of him, that eventhough how crooked his handwriting is, it never fails to make me smile, from ear to ear, when he shows me his patience in learning to do the things I tell him to do..

Although at times, he runs out of patience to do school stuff and even if he makes a canvass out of our wall sometimes, he still finds time to impress me with his grades in school.. and, I got one smart kid in addition to the two..

More often than not, I get financial constraints since we had a lot of bills to pay now: home mortgage, electricity, water, tuition fee, groceries, etc.. but yet again, the Big Guy up there has blessed our small family with good things, if there are bad, lessons to learn from..

now, What more can I ask for?


It's Christmas again

It's 4 days before Christmas, Jesus' birthday..

I love Christmas, I feel like I'm 6 again..

This is our first Christmas at our new home.. my kids are ecstatic to spend it with their new found friends.. our subdivision officers had already facilitated our first party together with new neighbors and new friends..

This year's Christmas is a whole lot different than the previous ones.. For one, mom and my 2 siblings are going to spend theirs in Cebu, for a change.. Benny, on the other hand, will be spending his at Mati with his family.. While us, we're going to stay home and enjoy every minute with our own little family..

Amidst the joyous occasion, being the birth of Christ, I couldn't help but be sad that a previous colleague who's a friend passed away..

Nevertheless, life goes on..

and.. I'm thankful for the fruitful year as we're blessed with a lot of good things in 2010.. Thank you Lord for that.. and.. we're excited with 2011!!


I'm back

Oh hey..

It's been 2 years since my last post here..
I had been too much preoccupied with work lately and I can't get away from it..
Facebook has become a fad in the company and locally, it's trending that instead of doing an entry, I diverted into checking out friends with new photos and new statuses..
I had become addicted to several Facebook applications before but eventually grew tired of it..
my latest hobby is to download mobile ebooks and read to my heart's content after work..
It's something that refreshes my spirit up on a tired day..
Also, I am into a new not-so-big business venture, working my way on the ladder..
I sure hope everything will come out the way I dreamt it to be..

My kids are growing already..
the 3 of them are in school..
The eldest, the twins, are in Grade 2 while my youngest is in Kinder 1..
Time flies sooo fast indeed..
It was as if I conceived them yesterday.. only to find out that they're 8 and 5 respectively..
It's a good thing though, that they're still the same 'malambing' sons as they were before..
They're more curious this time as they grow older and at times, threw different questions at me..
In a way, I find it difficult to answer when it becomes too intense, I'm pretty sure a lot of mommies can relate to what I'm trying to say..

We got us a new home, yey!
We relocated and find it very nice and comfy at our new home..
the neighborhood is really quiet, the subdivision is not too big, only a few are living in our area..
We love the breeze there, it's really windy at 3 PM onwards..
The kids play with their friends who lives in the neighborhood..
and they adore outdoor sports.. Basketball, biking, walking, running around, you know..

Anyway, so much for the missed entries..
I'll try harder to update more..