Christmas countdown?

It's just September but the streets in Davao are starting to show signs of an early Christmas. Radio stations are doing countdowns, playing the Yuletide songs and almost everyone is excited for the yearly Kris Kringle. I would know because I live in Davao and my colleague had started collecting names of people who want to join the exchanging of gifts while a few highway shops display their Christmas decors which are for sale starting the last week of August.

As for me, I couldn't quite put off the excitement I had been feeling since the last week of August. Oh no, it's not because of the Christmas bonus, but because of the wonderful feeling of giving and receiving when December comes. Oh, and I forgot to mention the birthday of Jesus Christ making our Christmas holidays solemn and special.

So, what about this year? I hope everything would be different. Of course there are traditions that we knew we couldn't excuse ourselves from: attending mass, Noche Buena and the likes. But then again, I hope I would be able to share more of my blessings to others. God has been wonderful to us, miraculous throughout the years.

Well, here's to more Christmas countdowns and early morning Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas songs on the radio.

Have an early merry Christmas. *smiles*

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